Honey so sweet ♪

kvothetheraving asked: "A small bear! Eating pizza."


that would be so precious

the bear would be wearing suspenders too ^0^

spacepetals replied to your photo “my hair is no longer purple and it kinda reminds me of sherbet…”

Omgggggg u r such a qt ^_^

goingpostale replied to your photo “my hair is no longer purple and it kinda reminds me of sherbet…”

so pretty~~

kvothetheraving replied to your photo “my hair is no longer purple and it kinda reminds me of sherbet…”

wowwwwwww wowwowowie

shotgunheart replied to your photo “my hair is no longer purple and it kinda reminds me of sherbet…”

You are NOT allowed to be this gorgeous. This level of beautiful is against the law and your punishment is to post more selfies. I don’t make the rules.

can I just

; ^;

group hug please

kvothetheraving asked: "mary"

my grandma!  well technically it’s her “american” name and not her real name


grandma :3 she’s really sweet and cute and she’s always worrying about something JUST LIKE MEEE so we bond over that

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kvothetheraving replied to your post “goodnight my sweet baby geese ~ (◡ ε ◡   )”

*gently honks at you*

ispeakineloquently replied to your post “goodnight my sweet baby geese ~ (◡ ε ◡   )”

*honks softly*

yes, come to me my children

samanticshift replied to your post “goodnight my sweet baby geese ~ (◡ ε ◡   )”

i know you prob didn’t mean it this way, but the tags make it sound like you’re wishing happy dreams in which you ramble, and that interpretation makes me happy. anyway, good night!

ahahaha omg I didn’t even notice that, but now I’m smiling imagining it so thanks for pointing it out :’}

kvothetheraving asked: "6, 12, 13, 15, 22, 24, 46, 57, 72, 76, 96, 97, 127, 149"

hay there :D

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?
uuhhmmm usually people who are kind and gentle and loyal understanding and honest but still tactful bc I’m a hypersensitive lil bear

physically it varies a lot bc I’m totally down for like dark makeup and clothes and tattoos and piercings but I’m also totally into the really clean-cut looks with vests and cardigans and whatnot

but also frills and lace and lots of pretty pastels and long pretty wavy shiny hair but also really short hair??

we just don’t know

(except we do know that I’m rarely attracted to facial hair ohoho)

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?
nnnmm hmhmmm

nothing really that’s like JUST OUT BRAND NEW WHOA

wait I lied.  everyone should be reminded of how well-dressed 2pm is in this video (ALSO IT’S SO CATCHY????), and this beast song is also catchy, t.o.p has blue hair so you should look at that bc I used to listen to it every day, this u-kiss song is very pretty

and also some girl groups bc yes! kara bc this dance is v important I tell you, brown eyed girls, miss a, f(x), in which amber is always there to remind me I’m not straight in case I forget, and snsd bc they’re like the queens

ahhh like all of these things would all be fair game for an epilepsy warning as well, except for the first 3 things on the list

no I did not get carried away what are you talking about

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair?
yeah, as long as they ask first

15. What good thing happened this summer?

22. Where would you like to travel?
many places on many continents

24. Favorite part of your daily routine?
does sleep count bc sleep

46. What are you paranoid about?
everything??? failing classes, people not liking me, suddenly dying, idk so many things

57. Favourite food? 
pizza but also rice 

72. What colour are your towels?
currently blue and green

76. What colour is your underwear?
uhhh like teal


96. Favourite actress?



97. Favourite actor?
also ??????????

127. What makes you happy?
food and bears and clothes and music and some people

149. Do you believe in ghosts?
yes D;

kvothetheraving asked: "if we were dating i would make out with you a lot OuO and also we could wear each other's clothes ehehe that would be cute. and pizza!!!!! so much pizza."

would you brush my hair while I eat pizza??  I rly want someone to brush my hair while I eat pizza :B

kvothetheraving replied to your post “kvothetheraving replied to your post “I updated my sidebar gif ^…”

can you post that gif as an actual post so i can reblog it *hearts in eyes*

sure sure 8D I was gonna post another one I made where I’m making a heart ehehe 

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kvothetheraving replied to your post “I updated my sidebar gif ^ 0^”

oh my god!!!!!! i just actually flailed bc yOU WINKED OMG OMG!! *swoons*


kvothetheraving replied to your photo “I do not understand my roommate”

gotta make room for the bread in the freezer. the ice has to go

no lie there is so much bread in there that the ice maker is periodically turned on because the bread is crushing the lever dude and keeping it in the on position

kvothetheraving replied to your post “What are your favorite and most hated toppings on a pizza?”

have you ever had cream cheese pizza

nooo I have not but it sounds like a thing that I should try