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important stuff
Anonymous: there would be a running fandom joke about you secretly being a psychotic delinquent. just cause you come off as so sweet and presh.

oh gosh yeah I could see that

I had a couple of friends in high school who said that as well, but it wasn’t necessarily from appearing nice and sweet.  it was because I’m so quiet and mild-mannered so if I suddenly said something creepy or alarming they said it was really believable because I was like ~mysterious~ or something

  1. ispeakineloquently said: This would be so much less terrifying if I hadn’t read the tags. But I also wouldn’t be laughing this hard.
  2. gargoylesrock said: this is why being known as the quiet kid could be either a good or a bad thing because it didnt matter how well someone knew you, they thought they should be wary of you. its inevitable and annoying.
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