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important stuff
The three most important rules in life:
Never read YouTube comments
Never read YouTube comments
Never read YouTube comments

The three most important rules in life:

  1. Never read YouTube comments
  2. Never read YouTube comments
  3. Never read YouTube comments

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    I want to vomit. So, how does this fuckface explain away pedophilia for little boys? I would love to meet this person,...
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    The fuck is this shit?!
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    I don’t know what my feelings are doing, but it’s not good.
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    I agree.
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    you sociology people are only a week into the semester and I’m already green with envy :’( but I agree, this needs to be...
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    that is the only explanation that doesn’t make me want to punch a wall :)
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    NOPE. for the sake of my sanity i’ve declared that this guy is a sociologist who wanted to test the conflict theory view...
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