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proof harry potter is definitely white and cannot be a POC:

  • they dont mention his race, which means he’s white, the default race
  • he has green eyes, which only white people can have
  • he has naturally jet black hair, a hair color most commonly associated with white people
  • he is funny, charming, brave, and charismatic, traits i have trouble associating with non-whites
  • he is a complex character and i have trouble imagining non-whites as complex people
  • he is the protagonist of a book that is not about racism


Polar bear Gerda cradles her three month old female cub in magical pictures from Novosibirsk Zoo - via The Siberian Times

even though dude #1 has unrealistic expectations, he’s been really nice to all the women he’s met.  he doesn’t go into a date feeling entitled to anything and he just hopes for a second date if things go well.  he met up with a woman who said she thinks she’s from a different world and her dog was reborn in its current form to be with her because it’s her “dog soulmate” or something but she was really friendly and he had an enjoyable time with her despite not really having anything in common

but lmao he’s on a date with a woman who said she’s like 35/36 but actually just turned 50 and is pretending she has no kids when she actually has 6

omg she keeps flirting with him and touching him and trying to make him kiss her no stop stop lady stop

dude #2 cannot stop bringing up sex and the woman he’s on a date with is getting irritated and his response to that was that “for some reason” she was getting mad but that it was probably turning her on, so maybe she would be looking for someone to take that aggression out on.  I’m just


wow bud

confiscatesomepastries replied to your post “I turned on the tv to find something to watch while eating and noticed…”

i avoid it at all costs when it comes on it’s too hurty

after watching it the first time I’ve avoided it at all costs because my heart broke enough the first time ya know

at least dude #1 realized that the girl wasn’t into him and suggested they end the date because he thinks it’s pointless to try to keep going when she doesn’t even like him

sadly that’s leagues beyond creepy dude #2 who is hoping that copious amounts of alcohol will get him laid

of the 4 or so episodes of this show I’ve seen so far, it’s always been one guy looking for hookups and one guy looking for a serious relationship.  mmm I like that formula better

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loool the other guy on this episode said that he’s 27 and successful which makes him look really sexy and like the brad pitt of online dating

he actually kinda looks like lance bass omg



the cutest bot lane NA UV

reminder that malcolm and i are cute as flip

I’m eating cookies and doritos and watching this awful online dating reality show because hell yeah I finished my papers

also you may want to blacklist “sam watches online dating rituals” because I keep watching this ridiculous thing and I may end up liveblogging it

it’s like 2 minutes in and they’ve only introduced one of the 2 guys for this episode and it’s already bad.  he expects the women he dates to look like pam anderson and have huge boobs with a tiny waist, and being blonde is a requirement because according to him, the best a brunette can be is an 8


he has brown hair


Have you ever met someone on the internet that you liked so much that you sometimes sit there and think “Oh man there are people who are lucky enough to see this person IN THE FLESH ON A REGULAR BASIS and I wonder if they realize how LUCKY they are”

I turned on the tv to find something to watch while eating and noticed that there is a criminal minds marathon on so I was like “oh I wonder what season it is.  maybe I can catch up”


it’s zugzwang

I just put on a shitload of eyeliner we are not going down that road