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girls don’t want boys, girls want season 3 of orange is the new black




Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created a giant, 82-foot-tall rabbit sculpture titled Moon Rabbit. The installation, which was created for the Taoyuan Land Art Festival, is currently laying on an old aircraft hangar in Taoyuan, Taiwan at the Dayuan Town Naval Base.

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shotgunheart replied to your post “diazrosa replied to your photoset “hello here are a couple of selfies…”

YES your aesthetic is fantastic and adorable and lovely and beautiful and BEARIFFIC

HECK YEAH BEARIFFIC!  I’ve quickly become known for my love of bears

yesterday I bought little packets of tissues of chocopa.  please google chocopa, you will not be disappointed

diazrosa replied to your photoset “hello here are a couple of selfies to let you know that I do, in fact,…”

i cant get over how much i luv your skirt and your tights bear things. and you in general. in fact i luv your whole aesthetic its amazing whats ur secret

omg ur too kind to me

my secret is that when I started at a new school and didn’t know anyone I gradually started dressing the way I wanted too bc people who’d known me for years weren’t there to make fun of me and my mom wasn’t there to tell me people would think I was loose or easy or some shit

and I very slowly built confidence through wearing that sort of stuff regularly and even starting to get compliments and then posting outfits on tumblr and having angels like you come and be like “wow I love ur style sam” which helped me feel more comfortable on days when my confidence was a bit lower ; ^;


"all girls dress the same"


"all girls dress the same"

the classmate I mentioned a few days ago (who got drunk at the festival and missed out on meeting the cute girl) is admittedly “infatuated with” japanese girls and hits on virtually each one he finds attractive

I don’t really spend much time with him so I didn’t notice it last week, but then I heard about it, then saw it first-hand over the weekend, and now it appears that my new roommate, whom he finds to be “so hot” may be his next target

besides the fact that I don’t want him encroaching on the very little time we have together (seriously just a few days!  I want to get to know her!!!), most importantly I want to like, protect her?  he’s only flirting with and becoming super friendly with these girls because of their ethnicity, and that’s just :/ :/ :/ how about no



if I see some sort of pattern forming or him being around her a lot, I’m gonna have to think of a way to step in.  maybe even just flat-out tell her the truth too

hello here are a couple of selfies to let you know that I do, in fact, still exist

also my shirt is great and on the back it says “the future of water, put your voice”

Anonymous: Dictionaries should be taken with a grain of salt because 1) dictionaries around the Revolutionary War literally changed spellings of some words just so they were less British with no other reason [obviously totally credible] and 2) language evolves constantly and the word "contact" wasn't even considered a verb not that long ago.





1) spellings don’t change what a word means though, so that’s irrelevant.

2) sources?

They literally teach you in elementary school that some if the most reliable sources of information are dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the like.

I don’t understand all the hate that the dictionary is getting.

The ditcinoray was mdae to mkae mi upset and speling is a lye.

Uh, wailuigi, hate to break it to you, but they teach you that in elementary school because it’s true enough for the purposes of your class work in elementary school.

You know how when you were writing a one page “paper” about polar bears in third grade, you’d go to the dictionary and look up “polar bear” so you could put the definition in your paper?

Zoologists and biologists and climatologists and other scientists writing about polar bears don’t actually do that. You should have stopped doing that sometime in high school. If you didn’t stop using encyclopedias by college, your professors should have told you that an encyclopedia is not a primary source.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries are good beginning points for understanding, but they are not definitive because both of them are ultimately compiled from other sources, both of them take literally decades to put together (the “definitive” Oxford English Dictionary takes about thirty years to come out; the one that’s out now is still the Second Edition), and both of them—in trying to cover as many possible topics as they can cram beneath their covers—fail to have the space to cover any one topic exhaustively.

For any word more complicated than something like “cat”, a dictionary has to go with a simplified definition. For complex and nuanced topics, they sort of go with a lowest common denominator definition. When engineers and physicists talk about “work” and “energy” and “force” and “power”, they aren’t using the dictionary definition which is fine for lay uses but a more precise scientific definition. When sociologists and psychologists talk about “gender”, “racism”, and “power”, they don’t go to the dictionary to look up what those words mean, as the work of social scientists is what defines those words in the first place.

(And notice that both physical scientists and social scientists talk about “power”, meaning different things. Le gasp!)

Dictionaries and encyclopedias are good places to start learning about something completely new. They’re not authoritative, though, they’re not definitive, and while they’re a good place to start, they are not a good place for your understanding to end.

To treat a dictionary as having the final say on anything is to remain at an elementary level of understanding forever.

I am so happy that everyone is correcting real-justice-waluigi's bullshit (even thought this is the first time it has has happened), and that in the notes there are so many people adding more info about the problems of relying on a dictionary or encyclopedia for objective information.

I am going to quote my Literature professor who talked about this very issue a while back, he said,

"Dictionaries do not tell us how to use a word, just how a word can be used. They are repositories of information, not the final say on what words are or can be.”

Afterwards he went on a little tangent about the problems of using dictionaries as sources in any kind of essay and that starting an essay with, “according to Oxford dictionary, the definition of (blank) means…” is a great way to get people to stop taking your essay seriously especially with higher level college courses. 

It was a good lecture that day.


This is the single most important invention of 2014. No question about it.

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