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This frustrates me and I don’t know how to explain why

Probably because it’s not taking into account that many women with eating disorders/body dysmorphic disorder see themselves as fat even when they aren’t.

Yeah, fuck this comic. As an anorectic with BDD I understand that my disorders don’t excuse any harmful comments I make to/in the presence of others, and I realize that my disorder may be triggering to some people, so I fully respect their right to call out any harmful comments or distance themselves from me. But comics like this are belittling and disgusting.

 so last night I decided to look up stuff about 50 shades of grey bc the trailer is making it talked about everywhere again

and I knew that the books were rapey to say the least, but I had only read a few passages here and there

I found the blog of a person who’s into bdsm and has been a sub for most of their adult life, and they have chronicled their journey reading the first book and giving comments throughout

and oh my god like, it is about 500 times worse than I thought.  I thought things would be at least a bit ambiguous, or the consent portions would appeal to the “but she didn’t say no so it’s okay!!!” crowd but like

no that’s not at all how it is

it very clearly shows a relationship between an older, incredibly wealthy and powerful man who is abusive (not a dom, just downright abusive) and a young woman who has never even been kissed and who very clearly is not into anything bdsm.  and it clearly shows him stalking, threatening, intimidating, raping, and abusing her physically and emotionally and is even incredibly honest about how not okay she is and even shows friends and family worried about her because of how dramatically her demeanor has changed into a scared, depressed woman who is constantly crying and on edge


holy shit and I only looked at about 4 chapters



today at work i asked a customer if he wanted french vanilla creamer with his coffee and he said no because he wanted the “heterosexual” creamer instead and it just blows my mind that straight people say shit about how queer people “force our sexuality on them” because i have never met a single queer person who has done something like assign a sexuality to coffee creamer

I grew up with these people I can genderify absolutely anything the way straight peeps do I have a gift.




So I was reading reviews for Animal Crossing New Leaf, and I saw this.

This is literally the best.

[Image description: A screenshot of an Amazon customer review by D. Gardiner, five stars, titled “I love this place!”

It reads: “Okay, I know I’m a little old to be playing this, but at 65 and all that is going on in this country let alone the world, I can honestly say it is a great escape. It’s simple, cute, fun, and creative. I have been a gaming grandma since 1981 when I was introduced to a computer game called Zork created at MIT, I believe. That game got me hooked on computers and games in general and since then with the birth of 4 grandchildren that I could introduce games to, it’s been quite a ride. When I first played Animal Crossing “Wild World” I got hooked. I’m not a “shoot ‘em up” gamer. I like adventure games and this game offers me that playful time of creating a town, meeting nice critters, build houses, bank “bells,” and just have a fun moment where the arthritis doesn’t hurt, the world is a better place, and I can just be retired. As for children playing this game, they will come to understand that work has its rewards, paying your bills brings you a better house, gardening makes your world prettier, sharing your finds with the museum in town is community service. It’s just an all around feel good game for all ages. Another little caveat is I am playing it on my new 3D DS. Enjoy!!!”]




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Wild from start to finish.



I had to defend my girlfriend’s honor today.

Biphobes can eat shit.

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in early elementary school it was common for us to read scholastic news, these news magazines created for kids and meant for classroom use

one day we read about a story of a man being saved by his pet.  his pet was a tarantula named isaac newton.  at this point I had never heard of isaac newton the scientist so I was like “okay cool”

fast forward to the day in science class when we are first being introduced to newton (how well do you think this is gonna go for me?  HOW WELL?) and to start off, the teacher asks if anyone knows who isaac newton was

I confidently raise my hand

and I say with absolute certainty, filled with excitement at the inevitable praise I will receive from my teacher

"a spider!!!"



ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall [Official Music Video]



are yo ugonna marathon it all night now A RE YOU???

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